Dermatopathology consultation cases can be sent to Dr. Patterson at:  
PRW Laboratories
2331 Seminole Lane Suite 102
Charlottesville, VA  22901

Telephone (434) 244-0162

Slides stained with hematoxylin and eosin are required, and a paraffin block is highly desirable. If a block cannot be provided, 10 to 12 unstained sections mounted on adhesive slides are recommended. If paraffin blocks are sent, they will be returned without fail immediately upon completion of the consultation.

The charge is approximately $150 per consultation, in addition to the cost of special adjunctive pathologic studies if they are necessary.  We will bill the patient's insurer directly, IF prior authorization is obtained by the submitting physician for an "out-of-network" consultation.

James W. Patterson, M.D.